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Steve and Connie Pecorilla purchased the 35 year old landscape business in 2002 from Angelo Pecorilla and then incorporated.  We are the second generation of Pecorilla Hydroseeding Inc. We have been conducting business in Nevada 12 years.
Now we have the privilege to serve the beautiful Pacific Northwest as well, with the view of leaving it better than we found it.

Connie L. Pecorilla, is the President and Owner. She is an Oregon Landscape Contracting Business license holder.  Connie oversees all aspects of the management of the business. She prepares construction progress, schedules by monitoring and directing the day to day operations.

Steve J. Pecorilla is a Director and Owner, he is a Landscape Contractor in the state of Nevada.  Steve is involved in all aspects from estimating the projects to implementing the work. He oversees Safety and has the appropriate OSHA supervisory training.

Hanna Pecorilla is a High School student, and a Varsity Cheerleader.  She will be the third generation of Pecorilla Hydroseeding Inc.